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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I plant and/or mulch trees I have bought from you?
We have a pamphlet on how to plant tree and shrubs that can be found here.
Please note: you will need Adobe Reader installed to view this file.


Are you open all year?
Yes! Lake Street Garden Center is open year round.

Click here to see our offical opening and closing times.


I signed up for your e-mail list but haven't recieved a message yet:
If you signed up for our e-mail list, either online or at the greenhouse, and it has been more than 2 weeks.

1)Try checking your spam folder in your e-mail client and enable it to accept messages from "lakestreet@lakestreet.com".

2)Try entering your e-mail again online. You may have typed it incorrectly, or if you filled out a form at the greenhouse we may have misread the form due to penmanship.


I signed up for your e-mail list and recieve your e-mails, but they are blank:
The main cause for this is because your e-mail client has disabled images for security reasons. You must manually tell your e-mail client to accept images from "www.lakestreet.com " .


Do you sell bark mulch by the truck load?
No. We do sell bark mulch but in 3 cubic foot bags,
but we do not deliver it in bulk.


Do you take credit cards :
Yes. We take:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • American Express
  • Discover


Do you deliver?
Yes. Although we do have limited man power,
so delivery may not be available at certain times.


How much do you charge for delivery? :
Prices vary depending on size, weight and destination.


Can you plant a tree or shrub
I purchased from you?

Yes we can. Charges vary with plant numbers, size and site (ease of digging), and accessibility.
As with delivery, we do have limited man power so this service may not be available at all times


Do you have a plant guarantee?
In most cases, we guarantee our trees and shrubs for up to one year after the purchase date. You must have the sales reciept, nursery label and the plant or picture of the plant for a credit to be issued for the price of the purchase only (eg: if you bought a $100 tree on sale for $50 -- you would get a $50 credit, not $100) We do not cover marginal hardy plants such as Roses, Buddlia --. Plants are perishable items if not properly cared for. It is the customer's responsibility to care for their plants after they leave Lake Street Garden Center.

If you notice your plant isn't doing well, DON'T WAIT! Contact us and we can help you make a diagnosis. The best way to care for you plant is knowledge. We encourage you to take pictures or samples before bringing in the entire plant.


How often should I water my plants?
Every plant has different watering requirements. Watering too little as well as too much can harm a plant. It is important you know the type of plant and determine its watering needs BEFORE you bring it home. If you don't know the specific requirements of a plant you are going to buy: consult the label on the plant, or ask one of our sales representatives for help, often we will have a "plant care sheet" for the type of plant.


Do you replace lost or stolen gift certificates?
At this time we cannot be responsible for lost or stolen gift certificates.

Do you sell Christmas trees?
YES! We also offer an extensive selection of other Christmas decorations!

Warm House Ramp

Pothos Hanger

Red Geranium Hanger




Lily 'Superb'


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